Customer Service Management

Elevate customer service and drive growth with an effortless, connected, proactive digital experience that increases self-service, revenue, and brand loyalty all while supporting the expectations of our customers.

At Cask, we guide clients towards a case management platform that is robust, comprehensive, and most importantly can remove the need to “swivel chair” across different applications to get the job done for your customers. Our complete approach to customer service management includes case management, call center and help desk optimization, management of external and internal knowledge articles, allocation and management of products and assets, portfolio and catalog of services, and knowledge management.

Customer Service Center Optimization

The widespread adoption of smart devices allowing consumers to stay connected 24/7, along with rising customer expectations for personalized and immediate responses, make it imperative to create a consumer-grade experience that connects your customers with your brand using a simple, user-friendly interface.

Customer Service Portal

Customers expect quick answers to questions about products, prices, policies, and plenty more. The larger your customer base grows, the more questions, requests, and complaints roll in and the more time your agents spend responding to repetitive requests and completing menial tasks.

Customer Service Knowledge

Maintaining basic customer service knowledge and functionality in the age of around-the-clock consumerism is a full-time job in itself. Where does that leave the customer support agent whose actual job is providing real-time assistance and informing overall business strategy? Overworked and often unhappy.

Customer Service Case Management

Transforming your approach to customer service is a big step for large organizations. Cask’s seasoned business and technology team goes beyond implementation specialists to include consultants, designers, and consultants whose sole focus is on creating and supporting your custom solutions as your business continues to mature.

Customer Service End-to-End Experience

Think about a business you choose to work with all the time. Is it really always about the product or service—or is your choice also influenced by the customer service experience? The best brands on the planet know that customer service sells. And so do we.

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