Blizzard Entertainment



clientstory_blizzardBlizzard was not using ServiceNow to track their assets, they were using a homegrown application to do this. This homegrown application was not doing a good job of tracking assets from beginning to end. They were tracking when assets arrived at storeroom, but not effectively tracking after assets left the room. Blizzard did not have accurate insight into who owned the items and where they were located.


Blizzard asked Cask for help in the lifecycle of Asset Management. Instead of just tracking assets in a spreadsheet when they would arrive, they were looking to formalize the process by creating a workflow of when they would add, move, or retire an asset. Blizzard needed guidance on what information they should track around assets (financial, licensing, asset owners, etc.) They were looking to track the full lifecycle of asset in the ServiceNow tool and move away from their homegrown application.


Cask performed an Asset Management Workshop for Blizzard’s software and hardware. In the workshop, Cask taught best practice and created a new process that fitted Blizzard’s needs based on the business requirements. Cask helped implement ServiceNow in a way that replicated the process to use and capture the information they need all in one place.


Blizzard has the ability to track assets properly and understand the cost associated with each. Cask helped document the success factors for the organization, which empowered them to define their success. Cask helped transition their asset process from the homegrown application, into the ServiceNow tool.