Human Resources

Cask modernizes human resources with consumer-grade experiences that connect employees with the organization, while increasing engagement, productivity and brand loyalty across any device.

ServiceNow HR Case Management

Cask’s expertise in HR can help you improve employee satisfaction, automate workflows, optimize HR service delivery, and eliminate bottlenecks in your HR organization.

HR Onboarding & Transitions

Employee onboarding, offboarding & lifecycle management are some of the most complex and important components of HR, considering the HR organization is the first and last point of engagement with employees.

Employee Experience

In today’s digital age, employees expect self-service access anytime, anywhere, and on any device so they can connect with the culture and the people regardless of location.

HR Knowledge Management

Effective HR knowledge management best practices are essential for maintaining and disseminating important information across your organization. Without a smart, automated workflow in place; keeping content up to date can become a full-time job.

HR Portal

Employees expect quick answers to important questions about paperwork, policies, and processes. The larger your organization grows, the more questions there are and the more time your HR team spends on manual, menial tasks like answering repetitive questions, updating cumbersome paperwork, checking disparate time-tracking software, and so on.

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