Cask helps you automate and manage the financial task by uniting disparate legacy sources under a single system of engagement that provides greater visibility while removing bottlenecks in the process.

Financial Close

Eliminate spreadsheets while improving visibility and accountability.

Stop chasing around documentation every time you have to close out a month or quarter. With ServiceNow, you can just view the data on your Finance dashboard as needed. Cask helps financial departments create accountability for the completion of various tasks by providing greater visibility that allows the controller to see the organization’s financial status at all times. With increased procedural visibility, the speed of the close process also increases.

View data on your Finance dashboard

Financial Planning and Analysis

Task, visualize and improve organizational accountability.

Every time you go through a budgeting process, a complete breakdown is needed in the organization, from the bottom up as well as the top down. With ServiceNow, you can be sure of having the right information when it’s time for financial planning or adjustments. Cask can integrate ServiceNow Finance & Spend with your ERP system so you can conduct financial analysis based on actuals against your plans.

Have the right information when financial planning

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Accounting Process Automation

Streamline repetitive day-to-day tasks with one system.

Cask engineers help you automate many of the tasks that need to be processed by accounting on a daily basis, such as approvals between A/P and A/R. Cask can integrate your existing ERP with ServiceNow as a single system of engagement, so you no longer have to deal with multiple legacy or archaic solutions just to get an approval.

Automate daily repetitive tasks

Finance Transformation

Get Finance up to speed with the State of Transformation.

Cask provides a consultative approach to offer an objective look at the way finance is handled in your organization today. We conduct a current analysis and offer an appraisal of the financial state of your organization by working with your CFO to understand the complexities and regulations you face. After examining the business and technology landscape and conducting analysis, Cask provides recommendations and a roadmap for change and improvement.

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